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Comments from Christian Book Review:

A comprehensive review by Christian Book Review is posted online. Some thoughts from the reviewer:

“The power and light of the Psalms shine through in fresh and insightful ways, inviting readers to reacquaint themselves with the grandeur of God’s character.”

“In short, God’s Song is a wonderful collection, highly recommended for those who find spiritual poetry both inspiring and intellectually satisfying.”

“The poems are easy to read, and the rhymes do not feel forced or unnatural—further evidence of the timelessness and memorability of Seller’s work.”


Comments from Kirkus Review:

Debut authors Betgur and Seller provide a rhyming, metrical translation of Psalms with accompanying devotions.

Betgur’s rerelease of Seller’s verse translation of the Psalms addresses an absence in devotional literature: It’s one of the few metrical translations of the Bible’s most poetic book. It also features Betgur’s devotional reflections on each Psalm.

Though Seller’s rhyming is crucial to his translation, his sense of meter is perhaps his most impressive innovation on the biblical text. Seller’s metrical sense is strong; he rarely employs poetic license to force a foot to fit his chosen meter. His textual additions, which he includes in order to meet his metrical requirements, rarely push far beyond the original sense of the King James Version.

The value of this work is in Seller’s easily memorable translation, which will help readers internalize the Bible’s most poetic book.

Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744 indie@kirkusreviews.com


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