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Ps. 4 – Sense of Security

Ps 4

Guards on patrol.

Do you feel safe in your home? Can you sleep at night without worrying about intruders? Is it because you have an alarm system? Do these words from Psalm 4, commonly known as “Evening Prayer,” describe enough protection that you feel comfortable?

In peace, without a fear,
I will lie down and sleep:
Jehovah, Thou art near,
The Shepherd near Thy sheep;
I dwell securely here,
With Thee to guard and keep.

Psalm 4:8 from Psalms Poems by Thomas M. Seller.
Used by permission.

Years ago I awoke to a house full of mosquitos. Finding the back door leading to the pool wide open, I thought our son was responsible for the bug invasion. A couple hours later, when I couldn’t find my purse or a few other things, I realized we were victims of an overnight intruder. That event prompted us to install an alarm system.

I think it’s wise to take reasonable precautions. It’s also wise to realize our security ultimately depends on what circumstances our good God allows. I love the word-picture in Psalm 4 that describes God as a shepherd. Did you know that in biblical days a shepherd would lie across the doorway of the sheep pen, guarding and keeping wild animals from approaching while his sheep were asleep? I am comforted by knowing He is near.

Father-God, thank you for guarding and keeping me. Thank you for being the Good Shepherd who is near. I love being one of your sheep!

What about you? Do your feelings of security depend on an alarm system? Fence around the house? Guard dog? Can you sleep in peace knowing you are God’s sheep and He protects you?

Image courtesy Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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