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Ps. 5 — The List

Ps 5

Read a blog.
Write a blog.
Edit and publish a blog.

People who make lists accomplish more. That’s what I’ve been told. It makes sense because you can then concentrate on doing, instead of recalling, what needs to be done. But is there a downside to recording tasks so you can cross them off your list? Consider these words from Psalm 5, commonly referred to as “Morning Prayer.”

Give ear to my words, Jehovah;
Consider the cares I weigh;
O my God and King,
Hear the cry I bring,
For I come unto Thee to pray.

My voice shalt Thou hear at dawning,
Jehovah, when Thou create
And prepare my day,
Before Thee I’ll lay
My appeal, and Thy word await.

Psalm 5:1-3 from Psalm Poems by Thomas M. Seller
Used by permission.

I’m not a compulsive list-maker. However, if I’m planning a major event, like our annual move between Michigan and Arizona, I will make pages and pages of lists. Whenever I have down-time, I refer to the list to see what still needs to be done. Lists help keep me on track. I’m always concerned, though, that maybe everything is not written down. What if I didn’t dump my whole brain on paper? Will something be overlooked?

These lists have an ultimate deadline, but I don’t schedule hourly for individual tasks. I try to leave flexibility in the day in case God wants to send me a divine “interruption.” This approach isn’t possible for every situation, but I do believe it is important to give God permission to bring into the day what He sees best. It might not seem convenient to us, but Father really does know best. Make a list – but hold it loosely.

My God and King, I have an idea of what I should do today. I’ve even made a list. As usual, I’m sharing those thoughts with you. But this morning I want to await Your word as to what should really be done. You know best, Lord.

What about you? Are you a list maker? Does it frustrate you when plans are interrupted? Have you experienced His better plan when relinquishing control to God?

Image courtesy Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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