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Ps. 7 — Perfection

Ps 7

Without error.
No improvement possible.

OK, I admit it. I’m a perfectionist. I’m not perfect, but it matters to me to try to be. If I knew I wasn’t doing something right, or good enough, I’d try again and again to improve upon it. Never going to get there, but I know the only Someone who is perfect.

But through the ages I will praise my Lord
According to His perfect righteousness;
Yea, I will sing in joyous praise, and bless
Jehovah’s name, above all names adored!

Psalm 7:17 from Psalms Poems by Thomas M. Seller
Used by permission.

I think perfectionists don’t get as much done as “normal” people. What we do accomplish, though, is pretty special. (I don’t include this website in that statement because I’m still learning how to put it all together – but someday…)

When our daughter was two, the only clothes she owned are what I had made. Play clothes. Pajamas. Dresses. One time I made an extra special dress. But I never got around to hemming it. Then she outgrew it. What was that all about? I later learned that perfectionists can also become procrastinators. We don’t want someone to judge our work, so we just don’t finish it. That gives us a built-in excuse if it doesn’t seem good enough. It hasn’t actually reached its full potential, so don’t judge it yet.

The psalm-poem above is from the end of Psalm 7. The verses preceding talk about enemies and judging. The song closes with these wonderful words about the Lord who is perfect. We can judge his deeds as righteous.

Yes, I will praise you, God, for your perfection, which is without procrastination. I adore you. In you is no evil thought or action. I’m glad you will judge me because you’re the only one who knows me perfectly, completely. Remind me that what others think or say about me is not important. I only need to please you.

What about you? Do you struggle with perfectionism? Do you consider it an acceptable character trait? Does it interfere with productivity? Have you learned how to be content with “good enough?”

Image courtesy Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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