God's Song

Psalms in Rhyming Meter

Ps. 8 — Perspective

Ps 8

He made the heavens.
He made the moon.
He made me.

The website self-esteem-school.com says “85% of the world’s population are affected by low self esteem. Source: The self esteem book, Dr Joe Rubino.” Wow. That’s a staggering statistic. Low self-esteem leads to many negative and destructive behaviors. Is there any way to reverse this curse?

When I have considered Thy heavens bright,
The work that Thy fingers have made with might,
The moon and the stars Thou didst set for light,
.     My heart in amazement cries,
What manner of being is mortal man,
That thou shouldst remember him in Thy plan?
And what is the Son over Adam’s clan
.     Whom Thou dost so greatly prize?
Thou madest him, likeness to God to share,
And little of God didst Thou from him spare;
And glory and honor he yet shall wear,
.     A crown for his royal Head.

Psalm 8:3-5 from God’s Song: Psalms in Rhyming Meter

We’ve all heard the phrase “perspective is everything.” This psalm-poem puts into perspective how special I am (and you, too!) The powerful Creator of the moon and stars also made us. He values us more than the heavenly bodies. He spared very little of Himself, making man in His likeness. We should think of ourselves as highly as He does.

The media tries to convince us we need improvement – fresher breath, drier underarms, thinner bodies. There’s nothing wrong with being the best we can be. But that lack of perceived perfection is only superficial. Our outward appearance is only the gift wrap – the real gift is inside.

When I was a teenager I had identical rugs in front of my mirror and the bed where I knelt to pray. Guess which rug wore out first? Yes, it was more common to find me looking outward at the mirror than inward to my soul. I suppose that’s typical. But a settled confidence of God’s acceptance would have done more for my self esteem than trying to make myself acceptable to my peers. Nearness to Him can only come through communicating with Him.

Fast-forward forty years. Where do I focus my energy these days? Caring for my body? Cultivating my mind? Committing my spirit to God’s will? Regardless of the time spent improving each area, the importance I attach to it is what will influence my self-esteem.

Creator God, you made me just as you want me. Remind me that you don’t make mistakes. Neither do you create junk. When I struggle to keep proper perspective, let me recall how much you love and value me. Continue to draw me near to you.

What about you? Did you struggle with self-esteem as a young person? Do you still? How did you overcome?

Image courtesy Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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