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Psalms in Rhyming Meter

Ps. 11 — Watching

Ps 11

I see you.

When was the last time you played this childhood game? As a baby? With your own children or grandchildren? Psychologist Jean Piaget said this process demonstrates a baby’s inability to comprehend object permanence (the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed — seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_permanence

I wonder if it would be helpful to continue playing the game as adults. God cannot be observed (seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled) but He can be sensed. He can be sensed through evidences of His presence and workings in our lives. Do we need to play peek-a-boo with Him to reinforce His existence when we can’t sense His nearness?

For Jehovah, who is righteous, ever loveth righteousness,
.      And with righteousness He yet will fill the earth;
He is watching every moment, every righteous one to bless,
So they need no mountain fastness for a refuge in distress;
.      In His gaze they have defense of far more worth!

Psalm 11:7 from God’s Song: Psalms in Rhyming Meter

Some people object to the idea of God watching us every moment. To me it is comforting. If I’m going to live the right way, I want Him to see that and bless me for it. If I’m going to do something wrong, in the long-run it will hurt me. So knowing He is near inhibits the action and saves me from trouble.

I instinctively slow down when a police officer is on the freeway. Because of his presence, I’m reminded to look at the speedometer. Driving slower is usually safer. So the fear of a ticket keeps me from the greater injury of an accident. I’m glad the officer is watching me.

If I thought no one would know, I might be tempted to steal or lie or even commit adultery. But eventually these activities would be discovered and bring harm. Realizing God sees me even when others can’t, may keep me from temporary pleasure or convenience, but it also protects me from more serious consequences. I’m glad for the defense of His gaze.

Father, you are the perfect protective parent. Thank you for watching over me, protecting me from danger. Thank you, too, for your protective gaze that inhibits my selfish destructive behavior. May I never weary of your watching.

What about you? Are you comforted by an awareness of God watching you? Have you refrained from destructive behavior because of knowing God sees you? Are you glad you did?

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