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Psalms in Rhyming Meter

Ps. 14 — God Is

Ps 14

I can’t see God. Neither can I see the air.
But effects I see tell me God and air are there.

In this age where we have so many “invisible” things – electricity, phone and internet connections, radar, radio and TV waves, etc. – you’d think more people, not less, would allow for the possibility of the existence of a God they cannot see. We regularly use things we do not understand and cannot explain. Why do so many need proof that there is a God? According to Psalm 14:1, a fool says there is no God. The poetic paraphrase of verse two continues…

Jehovah looked down from His heaven’s height
.    On the children of Adam’s race,
Seeking one with sense or intelligence
.    To inquire for the God of grace;

Psalm 14:2 from God’s Song: Psalms in Rhyming Meter

Common sense tells me there is a God. It’s much more difficult to believe all things on earth and in the heavens “just happened.” To have “happened” in a way that supports human life is statistically unfathomable. “How come earth got all the good stuff?” is the title of an interesting article by Eric Lyons that summarizes the sensitive mix of ingredients necessary for life, a mix that none of the sun’s other planets “happen” to have. http://www.apologeticspress.org/apcontent.aspx?category=9&article=2624

Apologetics Press comments that people of intelligence have created robots that mimic humans. Shuuji Kajita, leading developer of one such design group said perfecting robots will cost billions, consume massive amounts of research time, and require input from thousands of brilliant men and women across the globe. “These things do not just happen by accident.” (which is, of course, the point.)

Kyle Butt, M.A., writing for Apologetics Press, concludes, “Robots don’t happen by accident; they require intelligent designers to bring them into existence…Human beings are superior to robots in functionality and complexity; therefore they must also require an intelligent, personal being for their design.” http://www.apologeticspress.org/APContent.aspx?category=9&article=2681&topic=249

I once heard someone joke that the most logic rebuttal to evolution is the fact that mothers still have only 2 arms and hands. Sorry, I digress.

Creator God, your design of man, and a habitat perfect for him, are awesome. You are awesome. Thank you for creating me with enough common sense and intelligence to understand what I need to know of you. And thank you for being far superior to me in sense and intelligence. If you weren’t, why would I ever trust that your ways are right?

What about you? Does it make sense to you that God exists? Is it troubling that you can’t prove it? What effects of his existence have you noticed?

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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