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Ps. 13 — Rewards

Ps 13

First place trophy.
Second place ribbon.
Honorable mention sticker.

We love rewards and recognition, don’t we. From the time we’re young and get a gold star for a job well done, we are stimulated to strive for more. That’s human nature. God understands it because he made us that way. I’m thankful God rewards me with the special gift of belonging to him forever. If he gave me nothing else, the relationship would be enough.

I want to sing praises to Thee,
.   Jehovah, and cause to be known
The gracious reward of my faith-keeping Lord,
.   Who made me forever His own!

Psalm 13:6 from Psalm Poems by Thomas M. Seller
Used by permission.

Verses 1-5 of Psalm 13 are filled with hardship, sorrow, trouble. The psalmist can still sing, declaring God’s faithfulness and generosity, because he knows God has rewarded him with a relationship. This reward isn’t a result of having to live through the problems. Troubles just come. But the perspective of knowing God is with him through the hardship gives him joy.

In the last post I mentioned that I didn’t always believe God was with me. I thought I believed it. But in a particularly difficult situation I didn’t sense God’s presence. I chose to believe he had abandoned me. I knew I was his forever-child. Still, I thought he withdrew his help and nearness at a time when I desperately needed him.

I didn’t think life was fair (note: it’s not!) and interpreted that as God not being fair. I needed to separate those two ideas. I focused on God’s character, especially the fact that He is always the same — yesterday, today, and forever. He had blessed me in the past, and I thought that was fair. Since he cannot change, he must still be blessing me even though it didn’t seem like it.

So I chose to believe what I did not feel, based on what I know is true. God rewarded my act of faith. The perspective of time revealed he was looking out for me. He was blessing me and had my best interest in mind. I needed to go through a lifestyle change, slow down, downsize and, as a result, my salary was cut by 75%. But life has been more enjoyable (in a different way) and sustainable (looking back, I can’t imagine being in that rat race.)

I think my new lifestyle is a reward from the Lord. It’s not my ultimate reward. That will come on the other side of glory. But I’m happy enough to sing for joy and thank him every day. He is good!

Thank you, Father, that you truly know what’s best for me. The trophy of a more sustainable lifestyle is a reward from you. You are protecting my husband’s and my health by causing us to slow down. You still make sure our needs are met despite our reduced income. You travel this journey of life with us, which gives me great joy.

What about you? Have you experienced a “blessing in disguise”? Can you now see it as a reward?

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